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‪The armed conflict in Sri Lanka, opposing the Singhalese majority and the Tamil minority, ends in 2009 with the defeat of the LTTE (Release Tigers of Tamil Eelam). Throughout the conflict, the Tamil ones sought refuge in France and obtained asylum there, becoming the first population taken refuge as of the end of the decade 1990. Statutory refugees, some would wish nevertheless to leave for England for socio-economic reasons. But these projects run up against the nationalist interpretation of the migration. According to the LTTE, the migration very whole is devoted to the support of the “Tamil cause”. Their sympathizers are very influential to the Tamil refugees of the Paris region at the beginning of the years 2000 via associations which are affiliated for them. These associations skilfully mix political dimensions and cultural in order to ensure the adhesion of Tamil their cause. If this period represents a “golden age” of the influence of the nationalist militants, before the prohibition of their organization in Europe in 2006 and the defeat in 2009, we perceive of them some echoes in “Tamil” associations of the following decade.‪

  • culture
  • associations
  • politization
  • Tamil nationalists
  • ideological framing
  • Tamil refugees
  • Paris region
Angélina Étiemble
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