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Among the sectors of activity that are highly dependent on international migration, agriculture is crucial. Several emblematic productions, such as strawberries, tomatoes or vines, have been investigated, revealing situations of extreme precariousness of an underpaid foreign workforce, subject to heavy administrative constraints and often in a situation of discrimination. The articles in this dossier explore a variety of situations that combine administrative insecurity, the government of seasonal migrant labor mobility and highly asymmetrical ethnicized labor relations. Mixtec workers, facing a situation of devaluation of indigenous peasant work in Mexico, experience other forms of precarization on Californian farms. In France, in the Bouches-du-Rhône region, seasonal workers under OFII contracts are competing with EU posted workers. This region, compared to the Spanish huerta, allows us to identify a model for managing seasonal migration of agricultural workers on a larger scale. It is also an opportunity to discover the unexpected paths of former seasonal migrants who in turn set up as farmers. Finally, the lettuce packaging factories in northern Italy reveal the exacerbation of this type of competition between workers.
This journal aims to publish both empirical and theoretical research work on different subjects which take into account international migration and inter-ethnic relationships. While it favors the geographical area of Europe, the journal is open to other areas and other migratory systems throughout the world. Read more...
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