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The number of people holding at least two citizenships is constantly increasing in the world. While current mobility is a major factor in this phenomenon, the mobility of past generations and changes operated by many countries in their citizenship law are also at issue here. However, French research has so far focused almost exclusively on multiple citizenships resulting from the acquisition of the citizenship of the host country by an immigrant or his/her children. The aim of this special issue is to gather case studies on other modalities of access to multiple citizenships in Europe and beyond. In doing so, it aims to examine afresh the meaning and representations associated with this phenomenon, the multiple uses that one can make of the different citizenships he or she holds, as well as the link between citizenship and the feeling of national belonging.
This journal aims to publish both empirical and theoretical research work on different subjects which take into account international migration and inter-ethnic relationships. While it favors the geographical area of Europe, the journal is open to other areas and other migratory systems throughout the world. Read more...
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