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This article proposes a social philosophy analysis of the trend of short food supply chains in France. It intends to show that the political meaning of these initiatives built on the geographical proximity of producers and consumers is essentially based on the association of the cooperative relationship and the local scale. The critical force of food relocalization could precisely be found in the weakening of an obvious fact—that of the spatiality of national integration. But the development of this perspective on short food supply chains assumes that social philosophy is interested in society, and not only in the social. Indeed, the norms emanating from the social could also be aimed at society—in particular its spatial extension. The comparison of three works from different disciplinary points of view, each presenting a singular approach to the spatiality of the social body, draws a path by which this thesis—which makes the local a norm and the relocalized society a thinkable horizon—can be carried out.

  • society
  • agriculture
  • cooperation
  • local
  • social philosophy
  • territory
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