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The Revue Européenne des Sciences Sociales is a scientific journal managed by an editorial board and published by Librairie Droz (Geneva). Since its inception in 1963, it has promoted generalist and interdisciplinary research, open to any school of thought and intellectual mode. It publishes two issues per year and welcomes theoretical and research texts and review articles, as well as critical commentaries and book reviews. Initially entitled Cahiers Vilfredo Pareto, the journal continues to provide a privileged publication channel for research devoted to the history of economic and sociological thought.

Editorial Board

Massimo Borlandi (Università di Torino, Italy) – Editor in Chief

Pascal Bridel (Université de Lausanne, Switzerland)

Mohamed Cherkaoui (CNRS/Université Paris-Sorbonne, Paris)

Max Engammare (Chairman, Librairie Droz, Geneva)

Éva Lelièvre (INED, Paris)

Benoît Pélopidas (University of Bristol / Stanford University, Great Britain)

Jean-Yves Pranchère (Université Libre de Bruxelles, Belgium)

Editorial Secretary: Ivan Jaffrin

Instructions to Authors

The Revue Européenne des Sciences Sociales welcomes theoretical and research texts or review articles in French and English, as well as critical commentaries and book reviews.

Authors are invited to submit article proposals to the secretary of the editorial board at the following address: Papers must include abstracts in French and English (10–12 lines, approximately 150 words), a translation of the title in English or French, as well as a list of 4 to 6 key words in both languages.

Papers submitted for publication should be no longer than 50,000 characters (spaces, footnotes, and bibliography included) with latitude of +/– 20%. Critical commentaries may not exceed 35,000 characters, and book reviews must be between 6,000 and 12,000 characters.

After review by the editorial board, an article proposal is considered accepted as is if it has received two internal favorable reviews and at least one (blind) positive external review. If not, the author may be asked to submit a revised version of the text before any final acceptance.

The editorial board reserves the right to refuse publication of any proposed article, without prior evaluation, that does not scrupulously comply with the journal’s standards or is not in line with its editorial policy.

For additional information on the journal’s editorial standards, authors are invited to review the instructions provided at


Code of conduct

Code of ethics

The Code of Ethics applicable to drafting committees and editorial boards of academic journals offered on, including Revue européenne des sciences sociales, is available on this page.

Other information

Print ISSN : 0048-8046
Online ISSN : 1663-4446
Publisher : Librairie Droz

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