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I – Innovations introduced in countries other than France

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II – Evolution of the non-profit sector regulatory framework

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III - Sector illustrations

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From David Cameron’s Big Society project in the UK to social impact bonds in the US or to community experiences in Québec, the project to replace public authorities by nonprofit organisations for the implementation of several policies has been brought to the agenda. To what extend is this trend perceptible in the French case? This thematic issue offers first an overview of the experiences made in several countries revealing a blurring of boundaries with the lucrative private sector. This thematic issue then address the regulatory framework of the nonprofit sector, paying special attention on the evolution of its sources of funding and on how public authorities encourage the professionalization of their management. Case studies stemming from different sectors of activities like nature preservation, the management of extracurricular activities, the assistance for disabled persons bring to light new divisions between nonprofit initiatives and public procurement. These examples reveal at the same time a diversification of employment’s forms and a restructuring of salaried work and volunteer work as well as a new principle of public action justification. What emerges globally, is not so much a logic of substitution as a game of withdrawal and new commitments of the state toward the non-profit sector.

The intention of this journal is to provide a discussion area for the field of public administration and public policies, in particular in their comparative and European dimensions. Read more...
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