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Reflecting opposition to the Multi-Year Research Programming (LPPR) law in France, the Revue française de pédagogie brings together in this issue contributions from specialists in higher education and research from varied backgrounds: researchers studying transformations in this field, committed academics or activists, specialised journalists. By setting up a dialogue between these different points of view, the journal sets out to make a critical contribution to debate on this bill. The first two articles provide vital contextual information about the topic to which this issue is devoted: the article by Julien Barrier and Emmanuelle Picard synthesises the three main internal divisions within the academic profession which the LPPR has reignited, and the article by Anne Mascret analyses the reform between February 2019 and September 2020. Then articles by Christine Musselin, Thibaut Rioufreyt and Camille Noûs, and Philippe Blanchet set out the various elements of this law and their political and professional implications. The final contributions focus more specifically on the rationales behind the LPPR bill: increased competition in research (Barbara Stiegler and Christophe Pébarthe), recovery of its funding over time through the development of quantitative evaluation (Hugo Harari-Kermadec, Mélanie Sargeac and Camille Noûs), possible reinforcement of the tension between teaching and research (François Vatin).

This leading publication for education research in the French-speaking world addresses issues with a broad perspective that is open to diverse approaches and to contributions from multiple disciplines, including psychology, sociology, philosophy, history, and education. Read more...
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