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The Revue française de science politique (RFSP) is a primary scholarly reference point in political science, both in France and across the world. It publishes original research articles in all areas of the discipline, plus critical readings, review articles, short book reviews, and survey articles on specific topics that synthesize existing scholarship.

The RFSP is required reading for researchers, university teachers and students of political science, and is also an essential resource for academics in other social sciences and those actively engaged in political life, as well as the general reader interested in the scholarly analysis of politics.

Editorial Board

Publication Director: Yves Déloye

Assistant Editor: Nathalie Chevalier

Editorial Committee:

Bruno Cautrès, Brigitte Gaïti, Jacques Gerstlé, Charles Girard, Bertrand Guillarme, Florence Haegel, Sandrine Lefranc, Sabine Saurugger, Sylvie Strudel, Yves Surel, Pascal Vennesson.

Scientific Board:

Marc Abélès, François d’Arcy, Bertrand Badie, Pierre Birnbaun, Louis Bodin, Philippe Braud, Jacques Chevallier, Michel Dobry, Jean-Luc Domenach, Olivier Duhamel, Élizabeth Dupoirier, Béatrice Giblin-Delvallet, Catherine Grémion, Gérard Grunberg, Pierre Hassner, Guy Hermet, Serge Hurtig, Bruno Jobert, Bernard Lacroix, Alain Lancelot, Marie-Claire Lavabre, Jean Leca, Bernard Manin, Guy Michelat, Pierre Muller, Michel Offerlé, Mona Ozouf, Jean-Luc Parodi, Claude Patriat, Pascal Perrineau, Hugues Portelli, Jean-Louis Quermonne, Yves Schemeil, Dominique Schnapper, Johanna Siméant, Jean-Claude Thoenig, Jean-Claude Vatin.

Instructions for Authors

Manuscripts must be submitted by email to

Articles may be submitted in French or English.


Mailing address

Revue française de science politique

27, rue Saint-Guillaume

75337 Paris cedex 07


Tel. +33 (0) 1 45 49 51 86


Code of ethics

The Code of Ethics applicable to drafting committees and editorial boards of academic journals offered on, including Revue française de science politique, is available on this page.

Other information

Publisher : Presses de Sciences Po

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