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Special Report: The Great Transformation of Agricultural Logics

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The means of producing, of exchanging and consuming food are being debated in the countries of the north and south and reinvested by researchers in the social sciences. The “Revue française de socio-économie” reflects this renewal of works that concern themselves as much with a critique of industrial agriculture as with the analysis of innovative forms that contribute to the “agro-ecological transition.” Beyond a critique of the agro-industrial model and its technological and institutional interlocking, this issue analyzes the diversity and the coexistence of agricultural actors engaged in an “ecologization” of their practices. Forms of agriculture with a high technology content seek to reduce input use or to abandon techniques like labor; “alternative” forms of agriculture are in a state of tension between the maintaining of original principles and a relaxing of the rules in order to grow production. The coexistence of different agricultural models is considered on a territorial level in terms of access to resources, at market level where various quality standards are in competition, and in the political sphere where different forms of agriculture come together to set the rules of production and exchange, to gain access to government support or to build a professional identity. The works found in this issue present a range of research on the play between actors operating within these agricultural transitions, with particular attention given to the new practices, knowledge, norms and social identities that they are constructing.
This generalist academic journal focuses on economics and economic practices, which it examines through the various fields of social-science research: sociology, anthropology, history, management, and institutional economics. Read more...
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