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Editions Technip & Ophrys


• The Revue Française de Sociologie was founded in 1960 and has remained faithful to its initial objective: to disseminate high-quality French sociological studies while at the same time welcoming diverse theoretical and methodological trends. The RFS intends to show the importance of sociological studies to knowledge about the social world.

RFS publishes “varia” issues and thematic issues. The “varia” issues make it possible to choose the best unsolicited submissions, and in particular those from young authors, researchers, and research teachers. The thematic issues feature conceptual and technical developments specific to each of the fields of the discipline. For example, the following subjects feature among recent thematic issues: the contemporary State, generational inequalities, corporate sociology, changes in capitalism, peri-urban sociology, and internationalisation of scientific research. Debates also figure importantly in the RFS, which is evident in the space reserved for book reviews.

• The Revue Française de Sociologie is published in paper form and electronically (in French). Additionally, since 2012, all articles published in the RFS are translated into English with the support of the French National Centre for Scientific Research (InSHS-CNRS) and published electronically on CAIRN and JSTOR.

Editorial Board

Chief Editor: Louis-André VALLET

Editorial Committee:
Gilles BASTIN, Élodie BÉTHOUX, Laure BONNAUD, Bruno CAUTRÈS, Angèle CHRISTIN, Catherine COMET, Baptiste COULMONT, Pascale DIETRICH-RAGON, Michel DUBOIS, Sophie DUBUISSON-QUELLIER, Claire de GALEMBERT, Béatrice de GASQUET, Yves GINGRAS, Olivier GODECHOT, Vincent KAUFMANN, Michèle LAMONT, Lilian MATHIEU, Pierre-Michel MENGER, Anne MUXEL, Patrick PERETTI-WATEL, Ivaylo D. PETEV, Pascal RAGOUET, Laura ROBINSON, Gwenaële ROT, Denis SEGRESTIN, Pascale TROMPETTE, Paola TUBARO, Ingrid TUCCI, Louis-André VALLET, Pierre-Paul ZALIO

Book Review Editors:

Submission of Manuscripts

Evaluation of Manuscripts

All texts, in English or French, submitted for publication are anonymously read by three members of the current reading committee and two members of the editorial committee. The assessment of an expert outside the editorial board may also be requested. On the basis of these evaluations, the reading committee initiates an in-depth discussion that results in a collective decision. It is transmitted to the author of the text by the editorial secretariat.


Revue française de sociologie - Secrétariat de rédaction

CNRS Pouchet

59-61 rue Pouchet

75849 Paris cedex 17




Code of ethics

The Code of Ethics applicable to drafting committees and editorial boards of academic journals offered on, including Revue française de sociologie, is available on this page.

Other information

Print ISSN : 0035-2969
Online ISSN : 1958-5691
Publisher : Presses de Sciences Po

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