CAIRN-INT.INFO : International Edition

Putting the Revue française des Affaires sociales into a historical context shows the small space given to the theme of occupational hazards (3.71% in total) and the method of handling the hazards is often out of phase, removed or off-centre in relation to public policies and civil society. Occupational hazards are dealt with in a three-time rhythm that follows more than it leads the great public policy inflexions, practices and culture of occupational hazards and social expectations. The revue has a vision of occupational hazards that is medical, environmental and compartmentalised, which neglects the organisational aspects of the hazards and, doubtlessly, reflects the struggle concerning the question of occupational hazards between the two ministerial domains, the labour domain and the health domain, each of which have a specialised review. Finally, the importance given to the purpose of information and the delays in making evaluations in France limits the anticipating and mobilising role that the revue could have held in favour of a preventative dynamic. The revue has neither the efficient levers nor, it seems, the desire to convert a recalcitrant society into one embracing preventative logic.

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