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In 2010, the antihypertensive drug market amounted to more than 2 billion Euros - around 10% of the total retail market. Between 1980 and 2010, this market underwent annual average growth of +5,2%. The purpose of this article is to analyse how use of antihypertensive drugs developed in France over a longitudinal period of 30 years. This analysis will attempt to break down the development of antihypertensive drug expenditure, by highlighting the impact of price, quantity and consumption patterns. Findings reveal a price reduction trend that is offset by a significant increase in volume, which includes substantial changes to consumption patterns of antihypertensive drugs. A parallel can be drawn between the trends thus observed and the different regulation mechanisms relating to pharmaceutical expenditure over the period in question.

Marie-Émilie Clerc
Blandine Juillard-Condat
Renaud Legal
Willy Thao Khamsing
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