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Much research has been done on the subject of the strong insistence made on French young people to study without pause, leading them to enter the labour market immediately, conditioning their long-term social and professional transition often described as the logic of “placement”. By analysing the educational logic of parents, this article seeks, from another angle, a better understanding of this social mechanism, often studied through the representations of young people or the angle of social policies. The article shows that the parental vision of youth varies greatly depending on the issue, and oscillates between relaxed means of dealing with relational issues and a pronounced concern about transition-to-work. By combining parental educational rhetoric and practices, the article highlights four educational logics aimed at responding to this insistence on “finding one’s place” on the job market —academic and institutional trust; strategic supervision; experimentation in trust, and supervised experimentation. They vary widely, particularly according to the parents’ social origin. The article concludes with a particularity of parents in relation to educational and social institutions, that of personally bearing the burden of responsibility when a form of failure of their children occurs.

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