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When examining Article 51 of the French law on social security funding (Loi de financement de la Sécurité sociale, LFSS) for 2018, actors of the healthcare system emphasized the opportunity afforded by a device for innovative experimentation in the service of change. While experiments in the field of healthcare already existed (e.g. Paerpa, Retrouve ton cap, Ecout’Emoi, or Hébergement non médicalisé), they were subject to specific and restricted legal authorizations. By allowing for exemptions from numerous legislative provisions, the generic device for innovative experimentation proposed expanded the possibilities of experimenting with innovative organizational formats, and of inventing and testing the funding models of tomorrow.
These types of experiments can be proposed directly by actors in the field (healthcare professionals, healthcare institutions, user representatives, non-profit organizations, etc.) or institutional actors (federations, government bodies, etc.), and can apply to all territorial levels (local, regional, inter-regional, or national). Their aim is to implement change in organizations in the healthcare and medical-social sectors, and to improve patient care and pathways. They also tend to optimize the use of healthcare system resources and to increase access to care. Finally, they can also be used to enhance the relevance of healthcare product coverage by national health insurance (Assurance maladie).
Considering the numerous possibilities afforded by this device (projects at the initiative of any actor in the healthcare system and which can address the entire field of health), in a context in which the government is often faced with difficulties when acting outside of the regulatory framework that it, itself, has created, the health ministry …

Laura Obled
Adeline Townsend
Natacha Lemaire
This is the latest publication of the author on cairn.
This is the latest publication of the author on cairn.
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