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In business schools, learning is traditionally considered to be a linear and incremental process: once basic notions are mastered, students are asked to further develop their knowledge and specific expertise. This approach is relevant in many programs, but not at the start of an entrepreneurship course. At this stage, the most urgent and key issue is first to unlearn. Previously acquired knowledge is not necessarily obsolete, but it limits the scope of opportunities, often restricting entrepreneurs to inadequate reasoning and decision-making. In order to unlearn—that is, to discard some past knowledge, beliefs and routines to develop new heuristics and behavior—the pedagogical approach must not only break away from traditional pedagogical content but also from the usual symbolic codes. In this paper we present an unlikely experiment that aims to do this. The principle is two-pronged: it gives students the opportunity to play a radically different role from the one they have been trained to do previously, and it allows them to carry out activities that are similar to those accomplished by entrepreneurs. To do this, we chose to experiment with art: for four days, our students played the role of artists.

  • unlearning
  • entrepreneurship
  • art
  • pedagogy
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