CAIRN-INT.INFO : International Edition
Page 3

Call for proposals 

Page 23 to 31

Foreword: What is knowledge? 

Page 35 to 48

Chapter 1: Why manage knowledge? 

Page 51 to 78
Page 79 to 93

Chapter 2: What needs to be managed? The artifact? 

Page 97 to 112
Page 113 to 131

Chapter 3: Who manages knowledge? The individual and the group 

Page 135 to 158
Page 159 to 178

Chapter 4: Barriers to knowledge management 

Page 181 to 212
Page 213 to 231
Page 233 to 260

Afterword: Is evaluation the ultimate goal of knowledge management? 

Page 263 to 286
The interdisciplinary journal RIPCO aims to contribute to the understanding, explaining, and improvement of teams’ and individuals’ behaviors within organizations. It publishes theoretical or empirical research on organizational behavior, regardless of the type of organization under study (private, state-run, or NGO), the methodology used, and the contexts in which these research papers are written. Read more...
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