CAIRN-INT.INFO : International Edition
Page 3

Foreword: The myths of omnipotence 

Page 31 to 45

Preliminary chapter: Any evaluation requires a grid 

Page 47 to 55
Page 57 to 75

Chapter 1: Control in professional interviews 

Page 77 to 94

Chapter 2: Control in continuing professional development 

Page 95 to 118

Chapter 3: What do workers need? 

Page 119 to 146

Chapter 4: The internet as a means of transcending control

Page 147 to 162

Chapter 5: Cooperation as a means of transcending control

Page 163 to 181

Afterword: Fort-da, a signal announcing the rupture of the bond 

Page 183 to 210
Page 211 to 218
The interdisciplinary journal RIPCO aims to contribute to the understanding, explaining, and improvement of teams’ and individuals’ behaviors within organizations. It publishes theoretical or empirical research on organizational behavior, regardless of the type of organization under study (private, state-run, or NGO), the methodology used, and the contexts in which these research papers are written. Read more...
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