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Since its creation in 1991, La Revue internationale et stratégique (RIS) has been committed to providing a quarterly report on the major debates that animate the international scene.

Beyond the immediacy of the present moment, the journal’s goal is to give meaning to international events by comparing ideas and through contributions from researchers and policy-makers. Organized thematically, RIS proposes different features that deepen the reader’s understanding of the subjects broached and open up the keys to analysis.

RIS pursues the double objective of circulating knowledge within an educational forum and enriching the intellectual debate on international relations and strategic issues. It is published by the Institut de relations internationales et stratégiques (IRIS), one of the principal French think-tanks.

Editorial Committee

Bastien Alex, Christine Aubrée, Didier Billion, Pascal Boniface, Samuel Carcanague, Robert Chaouad, Olivier de France, Arnaud Dubien, Carole Gomez, Philippe Hugon, François-Bernard Huyghe, Nahid Karbal, Thomas Lanson, Sylvie Matelly, Jean-Pierre Maulny, Philippe Migault, Bastien Nivet, Gaëlle Pério-Valéro, Maxime Pinard, Gwenaëlle Sauzet, Pim Verschuuren, Marc Verzeroli.

Instructions to authors

The journal’s Reading Committee welcomes any previously unpublished papers. Once received, contributions are reviewed by at least two members of the Reading Committee. The Editor responds as quickly as possible to author submissions but may ask the author to make changes, clarifications or to supplement the proposed text. Texts submitted to the reading committee must contain approximately 24,000 characters (spaces and footnotes included), be sent by mail to the Editor ( with two abstracts, one in French and one in English, of approximately 800 words, each.

Papers are selected based on the following criteria: interest in the topic (avoid overly-common themes), originality of the paper as compared with papers previously published in the journal, an approach to the subject that is more reflective than informative (papers that inspire current debate on an issue, not a simple informational text), content appropriate to the journal’s readership (not too technical or scholarly, or overly general), clarity of style, coherence of the text organized around a central issue with a logical flow of ideas.


Code of ethics

The Code of Ethics applicable to drafting committees and editorial boards of academic journals offered on, including Revue internationale et stratégique, is available on this page.

Other information

Print ISSN : 1287-1672
Online ISSN : 2104-3876
Publisher : IRIS éditions

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