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La Revue nouvelle: 75 years of independence.

Founded in 1945, La Revue nouvelle has always prioritized democratic debate and critical thinking. Publishing eight issues per year, the journal consistently explores a wide variety of subjects, examining each of them with objectivity, logic, and pedagogy. Times change, current affairs evolve, topical issues are recast, but through it all our purpose has remained the same: to encourage reflection and open democratic debate. Even today, La Revue nouvelle strives to advance these values more powerfully than ever, proving its vigor and acuity, along with the enduring desire to renew itself and the independence of its thinking.

Ever since it was created in 1945, La Revue nouvelle has occupied a special place in the Belgian publishing landscape—a place where researchers, experts, and engaged citizens, anxious to participate in democratic debate, can express themselves with exceptional freedom.

La Revue nouvelle has published more than 600 issues since its inception. Some of its analyses have marked a milestone in history, helping to establish its distinguished reputation: decolonization, school war, feminism, social security, immigration, ethical issues, and ecology, to list but a few. The areas covered relate to social, political (national and international), economic, cultural and literary, artistic, and religious life. Our initial purpose not only stands firm but imposes itself more than ever: to bring about an exchange of ideas and a multidimensional reflection on the current world.

Editorial Board / Editorial Committee

  • Sophie André — Criminologist, lecturer (ULiège).
  • Aline Andrianne — French teacher (FLE), assistant at the Université Saint-Louis Bruxelles, and doctoral student in French linguistics.
  • Albert Bastenier — Sociologist. Emeritus professor at UCLouvain.
  • Baptiste Campion — Doctor in information and communication at UCLouvain.
  • Donat Carlier — Director of the Consortium de validation des compétences.
  • Béatrice Chapaux — Judge and writer.
  • Pierre Coopman — Editor-in-chief of the magazine Défis Sud published by the Belgian NGO SOS Faim.
  • François Fecteau — Postdoctoral researcher at UCLouvain (IACS).
  • Pascal Fenaux — Sociologist, journalist at Courrier international (Paris).
  • Azzedine Hajji — Doctoral researcher in psychology and education at the Université libre de Bruxelles (ULB).
  • Guillermo Kozlowski — Researcher at CFS asbl.
  • Cristal Huerdo Moreno — Language teacher at the Université Saint-Louis Bruxelles, teaching assistant at U-Mons, and translator.
  • Thomas Lemaigre — Economist and journalist. Co-founder of Agence Alter.
  • Renaud Maes — Doctor of Science (Physics, 2010) and Doctor of Social and Political Science (Labor Science, 2014) at ULB. President of the Belgian committee for the Société civile des auteurs multimédia ( from 2019 to 2021.
  • Charlotte Maisin — Member of the action research unit of the Fédération des services sociaux.
  • Christophe Mincke — Director of the criminology department of the Institut national de criminalistique et de criminologie, and professor at the Université Saint-Louis Bruxelles.
  • Michel Molitor — Sociologist and emeritus professor at UCLouvain.
  • Boris Najman — Lecturer and researcher in development economics at the Université Paris-Est Créteil (UPEC).
  • David Paternotte — Lecturer (ULB), vice-dean for international relations (Faculty of Philosophy and Social Science), president of the management committee of the interuniversity specialized master’s in gender studies, Atelier Genre(s) et Sexualité(s), Institut de sociologie, STRIGES (Structure de recherche interdisciplinaire sur le genre, l’égalité et la sexualité), Maison des sciences humaines.
  • John Pitseys — Doctor of philosophy at UCLouvain (Hoover Chair of Economic and Social Ethics), member of the Brussels Parliament and senator, head of the Ecolo group in the Brussels Regional Parliament.
  • François Reman — CSC press officer and journalist for the magazine Démocratie.
  • Pierre Reman — Administrator at CRISP and member of the Groupe d’analyse des conflits sociaux (GRACOS).
  • Laurence Rosier — Professor of linguistics, discourse analysis, and French didactics at ULB. She directs an international journal of linguistics that she created with her colleague Laura Calabrese: Le discours et la langue.
  • Paola Stévenne — Filmmaker.
  • Corinne Torrekens — Professor of political science and director of the Groupe de Recherche sur les Relations Ethniques, les Migrations et l’Égalité (GERME) at ULB.
  • Luc Van Campenhoudt — Doctor in sociology. Emeritus professor at the Université Saint-Louis Bruxelles and UCLouvain.
  • Geneviève Warland — Historian, philosopher, and philologist by training. Visiting professor at UCLouvain.

Co-directors: Thomas Lemaigre and Christophe Mincke
Editor-in-chief: Renaud Maes
Administration, layout, online publication, and subscriptions: Carmen Rodriguez
Commercial development and communication: Marie-Sophie du Montant

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Code of ethics

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Other information

Print ISSN : 0035-3809
Online ISSN : 2593-4848
Publisher : Association la Revue nouvelle

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