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Founded in 1907 by the Jesuits and published by the Centre de recherche et d’action sociales (Ceras), Revue Projet intends to help the greatest number of people to understand the world, but also to reinvent it through debates and the intersecting of field action, academic reflection, and the search for meaning.

Revue Projet provides a forum for debate about social and political issues dealt with too little or only partially elsewhere. The “Current Debate” (6 themes per year) are identified and informed by our socially committed partners, the researchers of our Reading Committee, and the Ceras team. One section welcomes book and documentary film reviews.

Revue Projet is published in both paper and digital form, and addresses concerns with regard to the condition of the most vulnerable, the future of the planet, the vitality of the democratic system, and social and political stability in France, Europe, and throughout the world. Revue Projet intends to be both a rigorous and an accessible place of exchange, hence the importance given to the readability of articles and the option for free access to recent content at: This website is updated continuously, whereas the paper version of Revue Projet is published every two months (6 issues per year plus one special issue).

Editorial Board

Editor in chief: Jean Merckaert

Instructions to Authors

Contributions to the “Current Debate” published on the website: are strongly encouraged.

Revue Projet publishes only texts in the French language that have not previously been published. Each author pledges that the texts that he/she submits to Revue Projet have never been published in French before (online or offline), and are copyright-free. The texts must be submitted by e-mail to:

For the sake of accessibility, Revue Projet gives preference to rather short articles intended for a well-educated but non-specialized readership, which avoid jargon and scholarly references, and do not hesitate to challenge conventional thinking. The author must be well-acquainted with the subject matter and draw on his/her experience and expertise in support of an idea.

Evaluation and Revision

Each article submitted or solicited is forwarded to the Editorial Board, which may optionally recruit outside evaluators. The authors are informed of the Board’s decision within 2 months. In the absence of any response within this time period, the author is free to submit his/her article for publication elsewhere. If changes are related to form, title, subtitle, or abstract, the Editorial Board does not seek the author’s approval. However, if these changes are substantial, they are submitted to the author for approval.


Revue Projet welcomes articles of between 6,000 and 20,000 characters maximum (footnotes and spaces included), in .doc format, Times New Roman 12 font, single spacing, and with page numbering. French quotation marks should be used (« » and not “ ”).

Languages accepted: French, English, and Spanish.


Code of ethics

The Code of Ethics applicable to drafting committees and editorial boards of academic journals offered on, including Revue Projet, is available on this page.

Other information

Print ISSN : 0033-0884
Online ISSN : 2108-6648
Publisher : C.E.R.A.S

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