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Rhizome is an interdisciplinary journal dedicated to issues at the intersection of the fields of mental health and precariousness. Since it was established in 2000, it has been under the auspices of and edited by Orspere-Samdarra, the French national body monitoring mental health, vulnerability, and society. Its varied subject matter is determined based on practical, political, and/or clinical issues. Rhizome aims to support practices and political decision-making and to contribute to scientific debate.

Its contributors and readers, like a rhizome, are part of the expansion of the network of individuals who engage with psychosocial issues, whether this is from the perspective of suffering, of the clinician, or of intervention. In more general terms, one of the roles of the journal is to examine the individualization of contemporary society together with its characteristics and consequences and the responses to this from institutions, organizations, collectives, users, and participants.

Rhizome is a space for dialogue between the sciences, especially between the human, social and medical sciences, between practices, and between those individuals who are affected by difficulties and/or precariousness, and those who work with them. This network aims to be non-hierarchical, with reference to the theory of the rhizome developed by Gilles Deleuze and Félix Guattari.

There is a focus on the diversity of contributions at both a national and international level. Rhizome is, in fact, funded by the French government’s Direction Générale de la Santé (Directorate General of Health) and its Direction Générale de la Cohésion Sociale (Directorate General of Social Cohesion), and is distributed for free to a broad readership consisting of social service stakeholders, healthcare providers, students, and individuals from a wide range of backgrounds. The journal is freely available online on the Cairn platform and on the Orspere-Samdarra website. It is published in two formats, Bulletins de Rhizome (three issues per year) and Cahiers de Rhizome (one issue per year). Each issue of the Cahiers is over 100 pages long and focuses on a specific theme related to research carried out by Orspere-Samdarra. A call for contributions is launched at the beginning of each year, and articles—which can be longer than those published in the Bulletins—are selected based on quality but also in terms of their correlation with the issue’s theme and the questions it deals with.

Editorial Board

  • Publication director:

  • Editorial assistant:

  • Review committee:
Élodie GILLIOT, psychologist, LPN, Université Paris 8, Orspere-Samdarra (Lyon)
Gwen LE GOFF, deputy director of Orspere-Samdarra (Lyon)

  • Members of the editorial committee:
Jean-Marie ANDRÉ, professor at the École des hautes études en santé publique (School of Public Health), Rennes
Marianne AUFFRET, vice-president of the association Élus, Santé Publique et Territoires (Elected Representatives, Public Health, and Territories), Paris
Arnaud BÉAL, social psychologist, Greps, Lyon
Pascale ESTECAHANDY, physician, Dihal, Paris
Vanessa EVRARD, professional peer supporter, association Espairs, Lyon
Benoît EYRAUD, sociologist, Centre Max-Weber, Lyon
Sandra GUIGUENO, psychiatrist, Rouen
Jean-François KRZYZANIAK, member of the Conseil national de santé mentale (National Council of Mental Health), Angers
Antoine LAZARUS, president of the International Prison Observatory (OIP) and professor of Public Health, Paris
Édouard LEAUNE, psychiatrist, CH Le Vinatier, Lyon
Philippe LE FERRAND, psychiatrist, Rennes
Fidèle MABANZA, poet, with a background in philosophy, Villefontaine
Alain MERCUEL, psychiatrist, CH Sainte-Anne, Paris
Éric MESSENS, director of the association Terres rouges, Brussels, Belgium
Marie-Noëlle PETIT, Head of CH (Centre Hospitalier de Montfavet), Avignon
Bertrand RAVON, professor of sociology, Centre Max-Weber, Lyon
Aurélie TINLAND, physician in Public Health and Psychiatry, Marseille
Nadia TOUHAMI, hospital chaplain, Marseille
Stéphanie VANDENTORREN, coordinator for social health inequalities, Santé publique France, Paris
Nicolas VELUT, psychiatrist, Toulouse
Benjamin WEIL, psychiatrist, Lille
Halima ZEROUG-VIAL, psychiatrist, director of Orspere-Samdarra, Lyon


Code of ethics

The Code of Ethics applicable to drafting committees and editorial boards of academic journals offered on, including Rhizome, is available on this page.

Other information

Print ISSN : 1622-2032
Online ISSN : 2117-4520
Publisher : Orspere-Samdarra

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