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Childbirth and parenting education is a key component of health education in perinatal care. It has its origins in the notion of painless childbirth derived from the Lamaze method, based on an educational model, a behavioral model and a biomedical model. In 2005, the French Health Authority (Haute Autorité de Santé) made a number of recommendations for the clinical practice of childbirth and parenting education. By redefining its objectives and changing its name, and drawing on the principles of both the Ottawa Charter and the concept of health promotion, the French Health Authority has promoted the development of new practices in this area. These changes imply new theoretical models (both educational and health-related), which could potentially lead to a new form of empowerment for women, but also for midwives, who play a key role in childbirth and parenting education.


  • childbirth and parenting education
  • midwives
  • theoretical models
  • professional practices
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