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Objectives: Various associations in France have denounced for a long time the difficulties encountered by foreigners with a residence permit for medical reasons to access permanent residence status (10-year resident’s card or French nationality). The objective of this study was to determine whether there is a real discrimination towards foreigners with a residence permit for medical reasons, with all other things being equal. Methods: This study was based on data from the retrospective quantitative ANRS Parcours survey, conducted in 2012-2013 among 1,705 Sub-Saharan immigrants with HIV/AIDS or Hepatitis B in Ile-de-France. This life-event survey reconstructed the immigrant’s permit history. Discrete time logistic models were then used to model the factors associated with obtaining a permanent residence permit and the impact of a residence permit for medical reasons on this probability. Control variables were used to take into account the level of education, the reason for arrival in France, the period of arrival, the duration of stay. Results: A residence permit for medical reasons has a negative impact on access to permanent residence status (aOr between 0.15 and 0.27 across subgroups, P < 0.01). Additionally, the time required to obtain permanent residence status has increased since 2005 compared to before 1996 for all foreigners participating in the survey. Conclusions: The results of this study suggest discrimination towards people with a residence permit for medical reasons in terms of access to permanent residence status, thereby placing their access to health care at stake.


  • emigrants & immigrants
  • social discrimination
  • France
  • residence permit for medical reasons
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