CAIRN-INT.INFO : International Edition


Session: SC1-COVID19: community-based action for COVID-19

Session: SC2 - Experiences of remote medicine

Session: SC3 - COVID-19: initiatives and territorial stakes

Session: SC4- Healthcare trajectories: patients’ experiences

Session: SC5 - Practices and expertise of healthcare professionals

Session: SC6 - COVID-19: primary care health professionals and COVID-19

Session: SC7 - Prevention of addictive behaviors among children and adolescents

Session: SC8 - Epidemiology and health surveillance

Session: SC9 - COVID-19: mental health and COVID-19

Session: SC10 - Training and health careers

Session: SC11 - New developments in therapeutic patient education

Session: SC12 - Occupational health

Session: SC13 - COVID-19: patient pathways during COVID-19

Session: SC14 - COVID-19: Territorial and social health inequalities in the context of COVID-19

Session: SC15 - Partnerships in Therapeutic Patient Education

Session: SC16 - Territories and actions for prevention and health promotion

Session: SC17 - COVID-19: The hospital and COVID-19

Session : SC18 - The role of industrial actors on health policies

Session: SC19 - Perinatal and early childhood health

Session: SC20 - COVID-19: vulnerable populations and COVID-19

Session: HC21 - Evidence and public health interventions

Session: SC22 - COVID-19: acceptability of prevention measures

Session: SC23 - Actions for populations with poor access to the health care system

Session: SC24 - COVID-19: Student health

Session: SC25 - Health data and artificial intelligence

Session: SC26 - Health and environment

Session: SC27 - COVID-19: Innovations in the pandemic context

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