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As part of applied research in the field of sound design, a recently born—or reborn—industrial object appears to form a particularly emblematic case study and unprecedented field of experimentation: the electric vehicle. In fact, as a moving silent object—and despite some diverging opinions that are at odds with ongoing lawmaking—, this artefact represents issues related to a specific user-experience: potential danger for vulnerable subjects (pedestrians, cyclists), alteration of the ergonomics of driving or soundscape modification, especially in an urban context. In this respect, it addresses some major stakes of sound design that have been inherited from the broader design frame: relevance (a controlled sound for a given quiet object), innovation (a controlled sound for a fairly new object), and integration (a controlled sound for a necessarily controlled environment).


  • sound design
  • industry
  • creation
  • communication
  • prototype
  • authoriality
Nicolas Misdariis
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