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Sciences Sociales et Santé publishes articles on health, which is understood as a whole body of knowledge and practices with their numerous objectives and perpetually changing contours. Some of the topics relating to health that it tackles include past situations such as reforms carried out to the health system or changes to healthcare programs. Others are more recent and include the relationship between health and the environment or the growing importance of biological knowledge in medical practice.
Every issue of the journal contains three articles, each accompanied by a commentary offering a different point of view on the subject from another discipline. After the editorial board has checked the article to make sure that it complies with the journal’s editorial policy, it is sent to two external readers who review it anonymously.
Sciences Sociales et Santé also regularly brings out special issues based on a multidisciplinary theme suggested either by the members of the editorial board or by external researchers, with recent examples including “Medicine and the Justice System” and “Endocrine Disruptors.” The scientific community can also review recent works. Hard copies of the journal are published by John Libbey Eurotext.

Editorial Board

The members of the editorial board (researchers and university lecturers working in the different humanities and social sciences disciplines) are responsible for managing the many articles submitted for publication and for communicating directly with the authors. Two members of the editorial board, selected in rotation, are responsible for putting together an issue.

Guidelines for authors


Code of ethics

The Code of Ethics applicable to drafting committees and editorial boards of academic journals offered on, including Sciences sociales et santé, is available on this page.

Other information

Print ISSN : 0294-0337
Online ISSN : 1777-5914
Publisher : John Libbey Eurotext

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