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This dossier focuses on the work of employees who care for children aged 0 to 3 years, whether they work at home or in collective structures. As a continuation of the historical work on early childhood institutions and research in gender sociology that have "denaturalized" the "maternal" skills allegedly required for childcare, it analyzes the processes of social selection, hierarchies and conflicts within a professional space using the tools of the sociology of work and social classes. Three occupations occupying unequal positions in this area are examined: the maternal assistants, by Anne-Sophie Vozari, child care auxiliaries, by Eve Meuret-Campfort and the educators of young children, by Sandrine Garcia. All three highlight clashes between norms and practices in early childhood education, which serve to create tension both between female professionals themselves and between them and their families.Off the record, Altaïr Despres analyzes the mechanisms of socialization of contemporary African dancers on the international scene.
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