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What has become of the farmers in French society? This issue deserves the attention of the social sciences, as the agricultural sector has undergone major changes over the last fifty years. Some are well documented, such as the sharp decline in the number of farmers, the extension of cultivated areas and the technical and economic transformations of farms. On the other hand, the issue of the farmers themselves remains scarcely analyzed, whether the concern is their origin and social trajectory, their incomes and inheritance or, more generally, their way of life and social practices, both political and cultural. Based on recent surveys on the gentrification of certain portions of this social domain (Gilles Laferté), on young Parisians who set up as market gardeners (Jean-Baptiste Paranthoën), on the analysis of divorces and therefore on the gender relations and class in agriculture (Céline Bessière and Sybille Gollac) and on the working children of farmers (Julian Mischi), this issue explores contemporary relationships at school, modes of access to trades, couple relationships and changes in farmers' lifestyles. It is then that we discover the very great social diversity of the "agricultural world", the extent of the divisions that separate the different groups, whether they are related to the national social structure or whether they have been repositioned in the localized social spaces where they reside.
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