CAIRN-INT.INFO : International Edition
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1. After Wars

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2. Discordance of Times

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3. Practices

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Miscellaneous Contributions

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This issue of Sociétés & Représentations focuses on the appropriations of the past by recent contemporary societies—from the ’70s to today—in the light of foreign, European, but also American, Indian, or African experiences. It uses a historical approach informed by anthropology, geography, and philosophy and enriched by the viewpoints of image and media professionals in order to analyze various memorial battles and the difficult relationship between history and the powers that be. In this period of uncertain future, appropriations of the past are aspects of legitimization behaviors, whose stakes are rooted in forms and modalities of domination.
Plural in its subject matter and pluralist with respect to suggested approaches, this transdisciplinary journal wants to be open to questions encountered by contemporary society in the familiarity of its forms while participating in a renewed way of thinking. Read more...
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