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I. Foreign Dreams

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II. Below the Narrative

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III. Perspectives

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IV. Miscellaneous Contributions

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People dream, but their dreams fade when they wake up, and from the images that remain, people create fantasy narratives in which unexpected encounters give rise to strange turnarounds. Where do dreams come from and what are they? The first part of this volume explores the answers provided in other eras and in places foreign to us. Freud, irrespective of whether we have read him or not, drew our focus to desire, primordial desire without object that inhabits us. The second part of this issue reviews the analytical heritage. Perceived, experienced, and invented, dreams remain an inexhaustible source of poetry, excesses, and fictions, whose mysterious fantasy is sustained through literature and cinema.
Plural in its subject matter and pluralist with respect to suggested approaches, this transdisciplinary journal wants to be open to questions encountered by contemporary society in the familiarity of its forms while participating in a renewed way of thinking. Read more...
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