CAIRN-INT.INFO : International Edition

What It Means to Sign

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Values of the Signature

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Signing. .. to Transform an Object into a Work of Art

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Signing. .. to Transform Oneself into a Work of Art

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Signing. .. to Inform One’s Reader

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Places and Resources

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Alternating Perspectives

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On the Subject of. ..

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Feature Interview

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Miscellaneous Contributions

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From works of art to body marking through consumer products, Sociétés & Représentations explores the historical, aesthetic, and legal issues related to the signature. This familiar gesture can be likened to a “total social fact” covering an infinite number of uses and representations, from building a reputation and a legacy to postures of anonymity.
Plural in its subject matter and pluralist with respect to suggested approaches, this transdisciplinary journal wants to be open to questions encountered by contemporary society in the familiarity of its forms while participating in a renewed way of thinking. Read more...
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