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Glory and Power

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Figures of Glory in Politics

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Power and Glory

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Monuments Commemorating Glory: Permanent, Ephemeral, and Fragile

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Places and Resources

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Alternating Viewpoints

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On the Subject of. ..

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Feature Interview

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Miscellaneous Contributions

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This special report shall focus on modes of figuration and representations of glory from ancient to present times from an interdisciplinary perspective. The report includes presentations of characters/figures of glory and the process of hero-ization in relation to the construction of the image of the hero, and it shall highlight the role of permanent, ephemeral, and fragile monuments in celebration and ritual feasts.
Plural in its subject matter and pluralist with respect to suggested approaches, this transdisciplinary journal wants to be open to questions encountered by contemporary society in the familiarity of its forms while participating in a renewed way of thinking. Read more...
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