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Bestiary and Animals in Contemporary Art

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Fat Oxen and Thin Cows. ..

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By presenting some uses of animal figures in literature, caricature, arts, or sociability practices, Sociétés & Représentations chose to explore an extravagant bestiary that is highly multifaceted and polymorphic. Subject of student festivities in Montmartre in the late 19th century, it supports social or political criticisms in caricature, and these animal figures used for satiric purposes can be found in contemporary painting as in the work of Hans Grundig. These animal stories, with a nod to the great Colette, transport us from the more or less soft feminine literature of the 18th century and the strangeness of Simenon’s The Yellow Dog (metaphor of the 1929 crisis) through the literally extraordinary photographs of Gloria Friedmann and Alain Rivière-Lecoeur to the violence of Damien Hirst’s works or the dreamlike and obscure universe of Alfred Kubin. Our interrogation of the animal focuses on the living and leads us to question the relations human beings have with animals. The interdisciplinary approach gives an important place to iconography and image analysis.
Plural in its subject matter and pluralist with respect to suggested approaches, this transdisciplinary journal wants to be open to questions encountered by contemporary society in the familiarity of its forms while participating in a renewed way of thinking. Read more...
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