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"Football is a global phenomenon spreading into new spaces, which has various consequences for the craze about this sport. Today, it is common to see football fans living far from the team they support. As they are scattered across the country and throughout many countries, the “remote supporters” of the Olympique de Marseille, who were the focus of our investigation, organize regular trips to attend the games of their favourite club. These trips offer opportunities for the development of practices through which they cultivate their differences from their home background and try to get closer to the environment in Marseille, into which they expect to integrate. Being looked down upon by their family and friends because they refuse to support the local club, they are involved in a deep quest for authenticity, as Marseille supporters do not understand attachment to a club located in their own living space. Travelling is a space of normalization of behaviour and allows for this transmutation to take place in three ways: it is a break from the daily routine; it gives way to the development of a feeling of community shared by the traveling companions; and it prepares for the contact with the local supporters, so as to make the best possible impression on them."


  • football
  • fanship
  • mobility
  • mobilization
  • travel
Ludovic Lestrelin
Jean?Charles Basson
Boris Helleu
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