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The second-wave feminist movements, that developed in the 1970s in France, sought to transform gender relations in various domains, particularly the private sphere. By moving the focus from the meso level of feminist demands and mobilization to the micro level, this article addresses the politicization of the private life and its consequences for individual trajectories. Using qualitative and quantitative data, this paper shows how collective feminist reflections on sexuality and conjugality have had an impact on the affective paths of activists in the mid- and long term. Feminist activism has supported individual practices that aimed at questioning the dominant conjugal model and experimenting with alternative relational forms to the exclusion of heterosexual coupling. Given the limitations of the usual indicators for identifying these practices and their duration, we have developed a broad and diachronic approach to understanding affective trajectories: relational careers. The resulting typology, obtained via sequence analysis and optimal matching methods, reveals private lives that are variously affected by feminist commitments. This article contributes to recent discussions in the sociology of the family on ways to capture the couple beyond its usual boundaries.

  • Feminism
  • couples
  • gender
  • activist socialization
  • sequence analysis
Camille Masclet
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