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Aims and Scope

Sociologies pratiques is a sociological journal founded in 1999 by Renaud Sainsaulieu and the Association des professionnels en sociologie de l’entreprise (APSE). Today, it is published by the Presses de Sciences Po. The journal figures on the list of recognized scientific journals established by the French Evaluation Agency for Research and Higher Education (AERES).

Sociologies pratiques is published twice a year. The thematic issues (around 200 pages) provide researchers and professionals a forum where they can attest to emerging social realities and understand the movements of our world. The journal’s editorial approach is one of applied sociology. In this regard, it seeks a balance between academic and professional worlds, between comprehension and action, while taking a clear sociological perspective to understand social change. Following the analysis Renaud Sainsaulieu established in the late 1980s, it continues to contribute to the revelation of sociological knowledge, whether this knowledge is elaborated through research or through an applied sociology capable of combining sound science with practical implications. From one world to another, we believe it is possible to discern a common position oriented toward the need for an objective analysis of social reality and a distance from evidence, norms, and political issues.

Sociologies pratiques is placed within this context focusing on the diversity and wealth of academic and professional sociological practices. Each thematic collection thus strives to highlight the diversity of sociologies in action, to describe the variety of contemporary practices, and to compose between descriptions of current practices and reflecting on conditions, justifications and consequences of action. The willingness to combine testimonies from actors in the field who work at the heart of social transformation, and reflections of researchers who provide results from the most recent studies, make Sociologies pratiques an original editorial and intellectual space addressing readers interested in applied sociology, whether sociologist, researchers, or professionals.

Editorial Board

Journal Director

Geneviève Dahan-Seltzer, Interdisciplinary Laboratory for Economic Sociology LISE (CNAM-CNRS) and Institute of Political Studies Paris

Editorial Committee

  • Valérie Boussard, University Paris Ouest Nanterre-La Défense and Laboratoire IDHE (Institutions & Dynamiques Historiques de l'Economie)
  • Vincent Brulois, University Paris 13 and LabSIC (Laboratory of Information and Communication Sciences)
  • Geneviève Dahan-Seltzer, Interdisciplinary Laboratory for Economic Sociology LISE (CNAM-CNRS) and Institute of Political Studies Paris
  • Danielle Cerland-Kamelgarn, Consultant Sociologist, Mediator
  • François Granier, University Paris I Sorbonne and Paris-Nord
  • Laurence Ould-Fehrat, ADEME, Spring Laboratory, UVSQ
  • Pierre Moisset, Sociologist consultant
  • Frédéric Rey, Interdisciplinary Laboratory for Economic Sociology LISE (CNAM / CNRS)
  • Philippe Robert-Tanguy, Alis management
  • François Sarfati, Interdisciplinary Laboratory for Economic Sociology LISE (CNAM / CNRS), Center for Employment Studies (CEET)
  • Julien Tassel, Paris Sorbonne University, CELSA
  • Pascal Thobois, SAFIR, Institute of Political Studies Paris
  • Nadège Vézinat, University of Reims Champagne Ardenne

  • Scientific Board

  • Norbert Alter, University of Paris-Dauphine
  • Isabelle Berrebi-Hoffmann, Interdisciplinary Laboratory for Economic Sociology (CNAM / CNRS)
  • Jean-François Chanlat, Paris-Dauphine University
  • Dominique Desjeux, University of Paris V
  • Charles Gadéa University of Versailles Saint-Quentin
  • Monique Hirshhorn, University of Paris V
  • Armel Huet, Rennes II University
  • Anna-Maria Kirschner, Universidad, Universal Fluminense, Rio de Janeiro, (Brazil)
  • Michel Lallement, CNAM-Paris
  • Jean-Louis Laville, CNAM-Paris
  • Françoise Piotet, University of Paris I
  • Bernard Ramanantsoa, HEC, Jouy en Josas
  • Jacques Rhéaume, UQAM, Montreal, (Canada)
  • Pierre-Eric Tixier, Institute of Political Studies Paris
  • Didier Vrancken, University of Liège, (Belgium)

  • Abstracting and indexing

    AERES, IBSS (ProQuest)


    Code of conduct

    Code of ethics

    The Code of Ethics applicable to drafting committees and editorial boards of academic journals offered on, including Sociologies pratiques, is available on this page.

    Other information

    Print ISSN : 1295-9278
    Online ISSN : 2104-3787
    Publisher : Presses de Sciences Po

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