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Although sociologists have now acknowledged children’s books as fully fledged means of socialization, the latter have so far given rise to research focusing mainly on their textual and iconographic content. Most of these studies, based on analyses of content, postulate the internalization by children of the norms conveyed in the literature. The research upon which the present article is based stems from the wish to question the mechanical nature of such a transmission by focusing on the point of view of young readers aged 5 to 8 years. Beyond the theoretical implications of this approach, we will address here the methodological choices made to conduct a reception survey among children. Making explicit the experimental protocol used on the field as well as the results it produced, we provide a reflective feedback that sheds light on the benefits of our methodology, as well as on the precautions that are necessary for its implementation.


  • children’s books
  • children
  • reception
  • experimental protocol
  • deontology
Doriane Montmasson
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