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In France, recourse to domestic services is highly differentiated according to household composition and members’ ages. In the 1995-2005 decade, recourse to these services has been reintegrated to formal economy, but it has not really progressed. In households counting a woman in age to be professionally active, the choice to recourse to it seems closely related to female professional activity. But activity as such is not the issue: what definitely triggers such a recourse is the combination of children and either a high degree or a manager’s job. On the other hand, inequality among partners in terms of money and qualification is less important in households that employ household services than on average. Finally, the male level of qualification can appear to be an important factor in the recourse to household services. However, its impact actually transits through the household’s living standards. All things being equal, the woman’s level of qualification is more decisive in the decision to recourse to domestic employment than the level of qualification of her spouse.


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