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French social security created a system of compulsory social insurance in 1945. However, a number of risks grew steadily, each following a specific timescale and each responding to needs whose importance became evident over the course of time. Soon after 1945, family, workplace injury, and illness risks became objects of special attention. Over thirty glorious years, health and retirement pensions became the main pillars of the system in terms of expenditure. (The latter still remains relatively fragmented). More recently, with new financial difficulties, problems have arisen that were not necessarily a part of social security as such. These include income support for the unemployed, procedures to combat poverty and help those in poverty with housing, and dependency on the part of the elderly.


  • social security
  • social protection
  • social expenditure
  • social protection accounts
  • social risks
  • family
  • work accidents
  • health
  • retirement
  • survival
  • unemployment
  • poverty
  • housing
  • disability
  • dependency
Myriam Mikou
Julie Solard
Romain Roussel
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