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The texts that follow describe the origins and aims of the social security system in France. The first is a talk by Pierre Laroque, general director of social insurance, to future directors of the social security administration on March 23, 1945. The Second World War had not yet finished. This lively text begins with a reminder that “social security must provide paid work to all men and women of working age. Unemployment must therefore be eliminated.” The second talk was given on February 15, 1947. Laroque, now director general of social security, demonstrates what had already been accomplished in less than two years. Mutualist schemes had been reformed, and family allowances and work accident insurance extended to salaried workers. The national insurance fund had been created, collaboration between doctors and the administration encouraged, maternal and infantile protection established, hospitals created, and social services given a new footing. An immense effort had also been made to train beneficiaries to manage their own interests.


  • social security system
  • national solidarity
  • health insurance
  • work injury
  • unity
  • fraternity
  • democracy
  • pension
  • social and health action
  • medico-social
  • general organization
Pierre Laroque
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