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The “contract between generations” is at the heart of the social protection system. It sustains two broad policy objectives: a reduction of inequalities between generations and an intensification of state and of private mechanisms of solidarity between them. Social protection has thus had effects that contributed to the transformation of relations between generations, both in the sphere of the family and in society. This has introduced a new degree of autonomy between generations, has reversed the direction of the transfer of money within the family, and has contributed to reducing conflict in relations between generations. Three major policy issues are discussed here: 1) equity between generations, 2) the policy of recognition and support given to family carers and 3) calls for active aging and solidarity between generations in civil society and in the workplace. The deterioration of work status and of the standard of living of the young has given a new importance to the question of equity. Taken with the aging of the population, these are the two major challenges for the future of the social protection system.


  • generations
  • family
  • transfer between generations
  • carers
  • equity between generations
Claudine Attias-Donfut
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