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This paper considers the fanzines as nodal points of a communication chain, constitutive of a system of material exchange. These exchanges nourrish particular genres of publication: this article sheds a light on their genesis and on how they create and maintain the milieus connected within a Do-It-Yourself punk movement on the post-soviet space and elsewhere. The exchange of things with correspondents creates a milieu of recognition founded on an imperative of paying back a gift received, pushing the zine-makers to continue and to diversify their activities so as to produce new materials. These plural activities compromise the imperative, nonetheless important for the zines aspiring to become a media. Due to the digital revolution and the explosion of social networks , the “media” zine tends to perish while a previously marginal format, “personnal” and “arty” zines, comes to dominate. The transformations of fanzines in the digital epoch illustrate a capital shift of the whole system of communication described earlier, as well as that of the place fanzines occupy within it, giving birth to some brand new forms of symbiosis between digital communications and artefact-zines.

  • scenes
  • underground / alternative
  • fanzines / webzines / alternative press
  • DIY / self-production / self-organization
  • dissemination / circulation / transfers
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