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Privacy Policy

Name SAS

Description SAS is an online distributor of digital content for publishers and an agent for anyone making a purchase via the or Cairn international website.


26 Rue Édouard-Lockroy
75011 Paris
Tél. +33 1 55 28 83 00
Fax. +33 1 55 28 35 33

Esplanade Simone Veil, 1
4000 Liège-Belgique
Tél. +32 4 340 38 38


FR-75 France Paris

Collection Methods

When you visit the site, your personal data may be collected and processed in the following manner:
- Form submission;
- Cookie submission.

1) Form submission
In the case of an online order, you will be asked to fill out a form in which certain fields (“required fields”) are required to provide the service requested while others are optional (“optional fields”). The sole purpose of these optional fields is to allow us to contact you quickly if necessary.

2) Cookies

Personal data processed

We collect the following information:
- Your IP address (detected automatically);
- Your e-mail address if you provide it, for example by filling out the order form or request for alert notification form, by submitting messages or questions to this site, by communicating with us by e-mail, etc.;
- All information concerning the pages you consulted on our site;
- Any information that you have voluntarily provided (for example, in the context of information queries and/or registering on the site, or in filling out the identification form). In the case of placing an order, the form requires that you enter your first and last name, mailing address, e-mail address, credit card number (if this is your chosen payment method) and its expiration date.

If you provide your mailing address via the Internet, you may receive periodic mailings from us containing information on our products and services or upcoming events. If you do not wish to receive these mailings, contact us.

For remote access users, we only collect the anonymous attribute eduPersonTargetedID.

Purpose of processing personal data

Your data is collected and processed only for the following purposes:
a. Submitting and monitoring orders, invoicing, sending e-mail notifications if you indicate that you would like to receive alert notifications on a journal or author;
b. Answering your questions;
c. Sending you information on new services or for appropriate direct-marketing purposes via e-mail;
d. For marketing purposes;
e. Compiling statistics (based especially on data entered in the optional fields).

In case c, you are asked to opt in for this service when you submit your data. If in the future you no longer wish to be contacted (particularly through e-mail), you need only to contact us through one of the methods listed in paragraph I of this privacy document.
Furthermore, to ensure the proper management of our IT system, we may access any communication stored in our system. Technology changes over time and CAIRN.INFO SAS may use this data in ways that are not provided for in this document.
Should this be the case, we will contact you before reusing your data to inform you of the policy changes and provide you the opportunity to deny permission for such reuse if you so wish.

For remote access users, the attribute eduPersonTargetedID is only collected and kept between sessions in order to enable users to return to the same configuration of the website.


By using our site, you explicitly declare that you accept the CAIRN.INFO SAS privacy policy and you consent to us collecting and processing your data according to the terms and conditions set forth in this document.
If you would like us to delete your data from our database, you need only contact us by e-mail or letter at the addresses listed below. We agree to comply with your request as soon as possible, except, of course, for information required by our billing department to comply with accounting rules and provisions. We remind you that if you are a resident of Belgium you can always register on the “Robinson list” if you no longer wish to receive any mailings, telephone calls, or e-mails from any Belgian company (including CAIRN.INFO SAS). You can contact the “Robinson” department of the Belgian Direct Marketing Association by phone at the toll-free number 0800-91-887 (Belgium only), by mail, for attention ABMD, Robinson List, Buro & Design Center, Esplanade du Heysel B46, 1020 Brussels, or online at
In addition, the promotional e-mails that may be sent to you will always contain a link that you can click on to access your profile and a specific page to opt out of receiving promotional e-mails from us.

Third parties to whom personal data is disclosed

We will not share your data with any third parties without your consent, with the exception of the company that hosts our website. Furthermore, we have asked our web host to take all necessary provisions to store and process such data with the utmost care, so that they cannot be illegally made known to third parties. However, we reserve the right to distribute personal information at the request of legal authorities or in good faith if we consider that such action is required:
- To comply with any law or regulation in force;
- To protect or defend the rights and assets of CAIRN.INFO SAS, the website, or its users;
- To intervene in extreme circumstances in order to protect the personal safety of the CAIRN.INFO SAS users, the website, or the public.

For remote access users, the attribute eduPersonTargetedID is not shared with any third party.

Data retention

You may at any time verify the status of your data by sending an e-mail or letter to one of the contact addresses provided here. We will send your data to you as soon as possible after having verified your identity.
You may also modify your personal data at all times here.

In the case of erroneous, inexact, or incomplete data, you may naturally ask us to correct it.

If you believe that our site does not respect privacy regulations, you may also contact us.

Retention period

Your account can be deleted and your personal data anonymized at all times by contacting us.
For remote access users, the attribute eduPersonTargetedID is systematically anonymized and collected for an unlimited period.


CAIRN.INFO SAS agrees to make its best efforts to protect your personal data, and specifically that they not be distorted, damaged, or communicated to unauthorized third parties.


This policy document does not prejudice any right CAIRN.INFO SAS has with respect to certain visitors with whom CAIRN.INFO SAS may have broader agreements authorized by a contract, law, or any other document of a contractual, regulatory, or legal nature, in which case the situation most favorable to CAIRN.INFO SAS shall apply.

Data Protection Code of Conduct

User’s personal data will be protected according to the Code of Conduct for Service Providers, a common standard for the research and higher education sector to protect user privacy.

Compliance with the Belgian Law dated December 8, 1992, the so-called “Privacy Act.”

CAIRN.INFO SAS agrees to comply with the Belgian Act of December 8, 1992, regarding the protection of privacy in the processing of personal data, as amended by the law dated December 11, 1998, and available online at

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