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Editions juridiques associées

Editions juridiques associées


Droit et Société was created in 1985 by a group of researchers and academics who thought it fitting to provide an international forum for the free exchange of ideas on legal issues, in all their dimensions, and for the dissemination of research and analysis stemming from diverse disciplines.

The national and international audience it has developed since its inception is witness to the value and relevance of this extensive project, which, from its conceptualization to its realization, has demonstrated a wealth of spirit and content. The journal strives to present the richness of law and justice scholarship produced in the social sciences in France and around the world in the most open and scientific manner possible.

The gamble taken nearly thirty years ago is even more justified today. Indeed, what has been called a phenomenon of juridicization and judicialization has replaced the question of law and justice at the heart of political and social transformations as conceived by the great founding figures of the social sciences. This explains why intradisciplinary specializations, such as the sociology of law, are no longer the sole focus; instead, besides the law, the focus is on all of the social sciences: history, philosophy, sociology, anthropology, political science . . .

Droit et Société is part of and promotes this development with its Special Reports, its presentations of Current Debate, especially those concerning justice, its section of Studies dedicated to research articles on diverse subjects, its On the subject of . . . feature dedicated to an in-depth commentary on one or several works, and its extensive Book Reviews section covering a wide range of scholarship.

Editorial Board

Publication Director: André-Jean Arnaud

Editor in Chief: Jacques Commaille, Institut des Sciences Sociales du Politique (ISP), École Normale Supérieure

Assistant Editors in Chief:

Pierre Brunet, Centre de Théorie et Analyse du droit (CTAD), Université Paris Ouest – Nanterre La Défense

Laurence Dumoulin, Politiques publiques, Action politique, Territoires (PACTE), Institut d’études politiques, BP 48, 38040 Grenoble cedex 9, France

Founding Scientific Committee:

Pierre Bourdieu (France), Jean Carbonnier (France), Masaji Chiba (Japan), Michel Crozier (France), Elias Diaz (Spain), Lawrence Friedman (USA), Niklas Luhmann (Germany), Renato Treves (Italy)

Scientific Board:

Richard Abel (USA), Maurice Aymard (France), Jean-Guy Belley (Canada), Roger Cotterrell (Great Britain), Michel Crozier (France), Elias Diaz (Spain), Vincenzo Ferrari (Italy), Lawrence Friedman (USA), Francis Snyder (France), Boaventura de Sousa Santos (Portugal), Gunther Teubner (Germany), Michel Troper (France)

Management Committee:

André-Jean Arnaud (France), Jacques Commaille (France), François Ost (Belgium)

Editorial Committee:

Louis Assier-Andrieu (France), Antoine Bailleux (Belgique), Alain Bancaud (France), Benoit Bastard (France), Lucia Bellucci (Italie), Diane Bernard (membre invitée), Jean-Pierre Bonafé-Schmitt (France), John Bowen (États-Unis), Wanda Capeller (France), Francesca Caroccia (Italie), Pierre-Yves Condé( France), Michel Coutu (Canada), Renaud Dehousse (France), Thierry Delpeuch (Allemagne), Daniel Dumont (Belgique), Hugues Dumont (Belgique), Baudouin Dupret (Maroc), Carla Faralli (Italie), Claire de Galembert (France), Juan Antonio García Amado (Espagne), Mauricio García Villegas (Colombie), Werner Gephart (Allemagne), Pierre Guibentif (Portugal), Liora Israël (France), Éric Landowski (France), Pierre Lascoumes (France), Sylvaine Laulom (France), Étienne Le Roy (France), Xavier Marchand-Tonel (France), Joane Martel (Rédactrice en chef - langue française, Revue Canadienne Droit et Société), Éric Millard (France), Masayuki Murayama (Président du RCSL-ISA), Pierre Noreau (Canada), Alan Norrie (Grande-Bretagne), Philippe Raimbault (France), María Eugenia Rodríguez Palop (Espagne), Paola Ronfani (Italie), Frédéric Schoenaers (Belgique), Vincent Simoulin (France), Orlando Villas Bôas Filho (Brésil), Massimo Vogliotti (Italie).

Foreign Correspondents

America: Christine Rothmayr (English speaking countries), Pierre Noreau (French speaking countries), Mauricio García Villegas (Spanish speaking countries), Orlando Villas Bôas Filho (Lusophone countries).

Asia: Christoph Eberhard

Africa: André Cabanis

Europe: Werner Gephart (Germany), Margarita Vassileva (Bulgaria), Eugenia Rodríguez Palop (Spain), Francesca Caroccia (Italy), Massimo Vogliotti (Italy), Pierre Guibentif (Portugal), Ramona Coman (Roumania), Peter Fitzpatrick(Great Britain).

Arab World: Moussa Abou Ramadan (West Bank, Israel), Nathalie Bernard-Maugiron (Egypt), Jean-Philippe Bras (Maghreb).

Instructions to Authors


Mailing Address :

Pôle édition Droit et Société

Institut des Sciences sociales du Politique (ISP)

ENS Cachan

Bât. Laplace

61 avenue du Président Wilson

94235 Cachan cedex, France.

Tel.: [33] (1)

Fax: [33] (1)


Code of ethics

The Code of Ethics applicable to drafting committees and editorial boards of academic journals offered on, including Droit et société, is available on this page.

Other information

Print ISSN : 0769-3362
Online ISSN : 1969-6973
Publisher : Lextenso

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