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Économie et Prévision is a scientific journal that publishes French-written studies by specialists in quantitative methods of applied economy originating from multiple sources (academic researchers, economists from French, non-French, or international economic administrations . . .). Its editorial scope covers a wide range of topics, including macroeconomic and microeconomic questions, international issues, environmental studies, etc. Submissions presenting a significant methodological contribution to the economic and/or econometric field and whose conclusions have economic implications for the French economy are particularly welcome.

Created in 1971 under the title Statistiques et Études Financières série orange, the journal has been published as Économie et Prévision since 1981. The journal is now housed at the French Treasury, after having been housed at the Forecasting Directorate in the Ministry of the Economy, Finance, and Industry.

Économie et Prévision covers multiple domains: micro- and macro-economic analyses, international, sectoral, labor market, and environmental risks studies, etc. Certain issues are devoted to specific themes (special issues); others are comprised of papers on varied themes. Issues primarily contain original scientific papers, to which are added professional reports. Published papers have been reviewed and revised following a scientific peer review process. Authors are solely responsible for the contents of the published material. Such publication does not engage the liability of the General Directorate of the Treasury or the Ministry of the Economy and Finance. The professional reports are reproductions of a selection of LettresTrésor-Éco” which are published by the General Directorate of the Treasury and do not engage the Ministry of the Economy and Finance.

Digital access to papers recently published in the journal is available to subscribers free of charge and on a paid basis for non-subscribers. Abstracts in French and English of recent papers are available for free on the Internet. Several years after publication, papers can be freely downloaded from the Internet. Subscriptions to Économie et Prévision are managed by the DILA (Legal and Administrative Information Department) – Documentation Française.

For more details on Économie et Prévision:

Access to the journal website (landing page of the journal’s website)

Access to published papers or abstracts

Information and recommendations for authors for submitting papers to the journal

Subscription information (how to subscribe . . .)


Editorial Team, Publication Director

The Économie et Prévision editorial team has three members, an Editor-in-Chief, a General Secretary, and an Editorial Assistant whose identities and functions are described on the journal’s website (see Editorial Team).

The Publication Director is the Assistant General Director of the Treasury (see Publication Director).

Editorial Committee

The editorial team is assisted by an editorial committee that the Editor-in-Chief calls upon for various reasons (advice on finding referees, on the submission of papers, or, more generally, on changes to the editorial policy or governance of the journal, etc.).

Composition of the Économie et Prévision Editorial Committee

Recommendations to Authors

Articles submitted for publication are evaluated by two referees, whose views help to ensure scientific rigor as well as pedagogy.

Only original works (that have not already been published or submitted to another journal) that deal with subject matters within the domains covered by Économie et Prévision may be submitted. Article proposals must be written in French.

Before submitting an article proposal to Économie et Prévision, authors are asked to read the note to authors thoroughly. It is accessible on the following web page:

For authors interested in submitting an article proposal to Économie et Prévision

This page also provides authors with recommendations for submission, which they are asked to follow scrupulously, and information on the different stages of an article proposal, from submission to publication, if the article is accepted.

If an article proposal complies with the demands set forth in the note to authors, the article should be submitted, preferably in pdf format, by email to the journal’s secretary at the following address:


Mailing Address

Revue Économie et Prévision

Équipe de rédaction

Direction générale du Trésor

Télédoc 647

139, rue de Bercy

75572 PARIS Cedex 12

N.B. to subscribe, contact the DILA directly.


Before contacting the Editor, please consult the journal’s website for responses to many questions about past issues, the schedule for upcoming issues, terms for submitting article proposals, and the revision process for articles once submitted up to publication, etc.

Code of ethics

The Code of Ethics applicable to drafting committees and editorial boards of academic journals offered on, including Économie & prévision, is available on this page.

Other information

Print ISSN : 0249-4744
Online ISSN : 1777-5795
Publisher : Direction générale du Trésor

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