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The editorial objective of the Revue d’histoire moderne & contemporaine (RHMC) is to disseminate recent historical research undertaken in France and around the world on early modern and modern/contemporary eras (defined as the sixteenth to the twentieth centuries).

The journal specializes in the on-going dialogue that it has established between early modern and modern/contemporary periods. It avoids oversimplifying compartmentalization by seeking to include the most recent research without the use of jargon or esotericism. In so doing, it deliberately opposes any tendency towards hyper-specialization that fragments knowledge and boxes in viewpoints. Synthesis remains the goal as a necessary condition for understanding the past.

Founded in 1899, the RHMC is the primary scientific reference for early modern and modern and contemporary eras. The publication includes exclusive work by French and international historians and is published every quarter, with one annual supplemental edition (no. 4 bis).

A space for historical dialogue and debate, this leading international journal takes stock of current challenges and progress in historiography. The RHMC is published with the support of the Centre National du Livre (CNL) and the Institute of Human and Social Sciences (CNRS).

The journal’s title has changed over time, and publication was interrupted twice during World War I and World War II.

1899-1914: Revue d’histoire moderne et contemporaine

1926-1940: Revue d’histoire moderne

1947-1953: Études d’histoire moderne et contemporaine

Since 1954: Revue d’histoire moderne & contemporaine

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Editorial Committee

Anne Bonzon, Christophe Duhamelle (editorial direction), Anaïs Fléchet (editorial direction), Guillaume Garner, Éva Guillorel, Élie Haddad, Philippe Hamon, Romain Huret, Augustin Jomier, Marie-Anne Matard-Bonucci, Vincent Milliot, Philippe Minard (director), Éric Monnet, Igor Moullier, Natividad Planas, Jean Solchany, Florence Tamagne, Clément Thibaud, Géraldine Vaughan and Christina Wu.


Revue d’histoire moderne & contemporaine

bureau G-02, EHESS

54 boulevard Raspail,

75006, Paris, France

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Find the RHMC online at the portal (1983-2013), at (1926-1940 and 1954-2000), and at JSTOR, Arts & Sciences V Archive Collection : (1899-2008).

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Print ISSN : 0048-8003
Online ISSN : 1776-3045
Publisher : Belin

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