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Sociology of cultural tastes and practices is interested on the one hand to show the structuring of tastes and practices and, on the other hand, to explain them. For this purpose, multivariate analysis, notably multiple correspondences analysis and its geometric representation are used as a privileged statistical method to support a theory of ‟homology” between “social position” and preferences. This article examines some recent sociological analysis based on this statistical method and the a priori choices of socio-demographic variables those methods operate with the exclusion of age. We explore a Multiple Correspondence Analysis on music and movie tastes of the French people in 2008. It discusses the initial interpretation provided by Bourdieu of the two factorial analyses of the “dominant” and “petit-bourgeois” taste in Distinction (1979), which served to establish his theory in terms of economic and cultural capital. We show what Bourdieu has put at the forefront of the structural analysis of tastes by erasing their historical and generational dimension. It offers another interpretation of tastes, rooted in historical and cognitive analyses.


  • Culture
  • Taste
  • Music
  • Movie
  • Legitimacy
  • Distinction
  • Factor Analysis
Hervé Glevarec
Philippe Cibois
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