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that the political, legal, and economic situations in Guinea, in France, and in Europe have united us, only to differentiate us;
that we do not wish to sit around waiting for our papers and sinking deeper into depression;
that we cannot continue to act without one another, that we need each other, while legal migration policies attempt to separate us against our will, to differentiate us, in order to keep us bound all the more tightly within an endless cycle of exploitation;
that we do not want to remain in a situation of clandestinity, because that merely oils the wheels of exploitation,
we make ourselves inseparable, we make ourselves non-exchangeable.”“Article 1 – Purpose of the contract
Our objective is to establish a bond and to create immaterial, conceptual artworks, performances. [...]
“Article 5 – Rules for gbangs-gbangs
With a gbang-gbang, you sit around a table, discuss things, and try to understand each other. You gain an appreciation of each other’s point of view.MinenKolotiri is based on the concerns and issues that we discuss.
Participating in gbangs-gbangs is to participate in artwork.
The whole thing takes place in the open semi-circle of our assembly.”
What does it mean to resort to the justice system and to the law when differential violence against foreigners is legal and institutionalized? If the moral registers of “reception” risk reproducing inegalitarian situations in the name of a vision of equality, what can a discourse on justice or rights hope to achieve…


Ten people, who make up the Bureau des dépositions, have been creating performances in Grenoble since 2018. By speaking to each other and to an audience, by rearranging the (im)possibilities of speaking, with the exposure of legally produced injustices, they explore the conditions of linguistic, sensible, and political transformations. At the same time, several performers have been legally expelled or are being threatened with expulsion, due to their status as foreigners or asylum seekers. A response is being organized in court: while the performances require the physical co-presence of all co-authors, forced absences undermine what we call a creative milieu. Copyright and intellectual property rights are here summoned and reinterpreted in the context of legal expulsions and œuvres-milieux.

Sarah Mekdjian
Researcher and lecturer at the Université Grenoble Alpes working in the social geography department and the PACTE laboratory. Since 2018, she has been one of the collaborators at the Bureau des dépositions—a milieu for study and creation—alongside Mamadou Djouldé Baldé, Ben Bangoura, Aliou Diallo, Pathé Diallo, Mamy Kaba, Ousmane Kouyaté, Laye Diakité, Marie Moreau, and Saâ Raphaël Moundekeno.
Marie Moreau
Plastic artist and documentary filmmaker. In 2001, she co-founded the project “Syndicat d’initiatives,” which has been performed several times and was presented at the Paris Biennale in 2006. In 2012, she created Atlas Local, then Crossing Maps. These were initiatives for collecting and circulating maps charting exiles and journeys that had to be undertaken in secret due to migration policies. In 2018, as an artist-in-residence at the Magasin des Horizons in Grenoble, she co-founded the Bureau des dépositions, and she takes an interest in immaterial, performative, or conceptual artworks and how they relate to contemporary law and our lives.
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